Canvas Grow bags

I have a balcony in my new digs. It gets a decent amount of sunlight, enough for a garden anyways. There’s a lot of complicated information online for gardening; types of potting soil, fertilizer, top soil, compost, when to use, how to use, what to avoid, etc. I have zero gardening experience, so it was … More Canvas Grow bags

Summer Fallow

Back in the Fall, I did an interview for Kollabora’s Meet The Maker series. One of the questions was how do I get out of a creative rut, which I found funny because I never run out of ideas. But I sometimes run out of the urge to create, and I often run out of … More Summer Fallow

Market Bag

I did a quiz recently. It was What’s Your Design Style, from Better Homes and Gardens. Honestly, I had no idea what I would get. I know that I like rustic, cottagey design, but I also know that I really like living in a big city (having learned this by spending the last two years living … More Market Bag