Slopers! Free Slopers!

That’s right. Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, and all related (and necessary!) social distancing, I’ve been forced to resort to organizing my sewing pattern files. I finally adjusted my bodice and skirt slopers to actually match up along the waist, and now I’m sharing them with you for free. But first, please take a look … More Slopers! Free Slopers!

WIP: Upcycling a Decent Denim Garment

I slept poorly last night, thanks to some late-in-the-evening chocolate that my old ass can’t handle anymore. Afternoon chocolate? Yes. Evening chocolate? Too old! However, during my many hours spent unexpectedly awake, I got to thinking about upcycled denim. Specifically, skirts and shirts. More specifically, professionally made skirts and shirts. Anyone who can sew can … More WIP: Upcycling a Decent Denim Garment