Wall Mounted Deer Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions

The iconic wall mounted deer head. Buy it here: Etsy Kollabora Makerist *Approximately 3/4 yd fabric (denim, twill, canvas, upholstery, pretty much anything sturdy that doesn’t stretch) *Matching thread *Doll stuffing (a lot. Like, a 16oz bag of stuffing should be more than enough, but don’t go any smaller, just in case) *2 sturdy 1″ … More Wall Mounted Deer Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions

I’ve Been Published!

In a real paper magazine no less! And I’ve been sitting on this blog post for months. As you may know, I create sewing pattern PDFs that I sell on Etsy and Craftsy. Many of them are wall mounted animal heads, and they’re very cute and you should buy one. Back in June, I was … More I’ve Been Published!

Rhino Head Sewing Instructions

Here he is.   The sewing pattern PDF can be purchased here on my Etsy page. Materials needed: *1/2 yd fabric (at the very most, probably closer to 1/4 yd) *Doll stuffing *Thread *Hand sewing needle *Sewing machine Let’s get started! Print and assemble sewing pattern according to this Burdastyle tutorial: http://www.burdastyle.com/statics/how-to-print-and-assemble-a-pattern-pdf Once you’ve assembled … More Rhino Head Sewing Instructions

Unicorn Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions Preview

Please note: This pattern and instructions have been updated, and can be found on Etsy, Makerist and Kollabora*! *Due to size constraints, the pattern posted on Kollabora features only features the pattern. If you purchase the pattern on Kollabora, please download the sewing instructions here. The supplies you will need to create this masterpiece are: … More Unicorn Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions Preview