WIP: Upcycling a Decent Denim Garment

I slept poorly last night, thanks to some late-in-the-evening chocolate that my old ass can’t handle anymore. Afternoon chocolate? Yes. Evening chocolate? Too old! However, during my many hours spent unexpectedly awake, I got to thinking about upcycled denim. Specifically, skirts and shirts. More specifically, professionally made skirts and shirts. Anyone who can sew can … More WIP: Upcycling a Decent Denim Garment

Elephant Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions

This elephant head sewing pattern and tutorial was featured in the September 2015 issue of Love Sewing UK. Materials needed: *Fabric, roughly 1/2 yard. You can mix & match your fabrics for a contrasting effect; I think plaid and denim would look great together! *Matching thread *Doll stuffing *Buttons for eyes, if you’re a realist … More Elephant Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions

Fanny Pack DIY

Fanny packs. I don’t know, man, it’s your call: Totally Useful vs. Dressing Like Mom Did in 1991.  There are pros and cons to both of those perspectives, so do whatever works best for you. Take these scraps of fabric: From L to R: Waistband straps, the purse, and the attachment clips. FYI, my purse ended … More Fanny Pack DIY

Upcycled Denim Challenge – Winner Announced!

Remember that Upcycled Denim Challenge I told you guys about last month?  Put on by the Jake and Maya Collective? They announced the winner today, and… I won! Rather, my wall-mounted upcycled denim deer head won. There were a lot of great entries in that challenge.  Here are links to some of my favourites: Deck … More Upcycled Denim Challenge – Winner Announced!