Turn Your Fave T-Shirt Pattern Into a Summer Dress

This pattern hack is so easy that I didn’t even bother taking good pictures of the tutorial: Get yerself 1.5-1.75 yards of jersey fabric, depending on your height and size (I only used 1.5 yards, possibly less). Take your standard, run-of-the-mill jersey t-shirt sewing pattern (like this one, for example). Lay it out, as you … More Turn Your Fave T-Shirt Pattern Into a Summer Dress

2014, In Review

What an exciting year. For me; maybe yours wasn’t exciting at all. Or maybe it was shitty exciting (I’ve had a few years like that, 2010, looking at you with a screwface). At any rate, today is that last day of 2014, whether you liked it or not. Let’s reflect. I moved to a new-to-me/old-to-me … More 2014, In Review

Fall Photo Shoot

This past Friday, we did a quick n’ dirty photo shoot for my Fall/Winter commercial line. The model is Irene Abraham, and here is her Model Mayhem profile. She did her own hair & makeup, and I did the camera work. Here are some pics, more of which can also be found on the F/W14 … More Fall Photo Shoot