Faux Fur Fox or Mink Stole Wrap Sewing Pattern Instructions

This fox/mink stole sewing pattern is a great addition to the vintage lover’s closet. Cruelty free, and with no mothball stink that so often accompanies vintage fur, this pattern can be made in an afternoon. A few tips on sewing faux fur: 1) I hated it. It shed all over the place, and it’s difficult … More Faux Fur Fox or Mink Stole Wrap Sewing Pattern Instructions

Rhino Head Sewing Instructions

Here he is.   The sewing pattern PDF can be purchased here on my Etsy page. Materials needed: *1/2 yd fabric (at the very most, probably closer to 1/4 yd) *Doll stuffing *Thread *Hand sewing needle *Sewing machine Let’s get started! Print and assemble sewing pattern according to this Burdastyle tutorial: http://www.burdastyle.com/statics/how-to-print-and-assemble-a-pattern-pdf Once you’ve assembled … More Rhino Head Sewing Instructions

Looking for Artisans!

Our retail store, The Labour District, will be up and running shortly, and we’re looking for a few local/Canadian artisans who want to sell their work on consignment in our space! The Labour District is going to be a sewing studio with retail space located in downtown Oshawa.  Oshawa, for those of you who don’t … More Looking for Artisans!