Rhino Head Sewing Instructions

Here he is.   The sewing pattern PDF can be purchased here on my Etsy page. Materials needed: *1/2 yd fabric (at the very most, probably closer to 1/4 yd) *Doll stuffing *Thread *Hand sewing needle *Sewing machine Let’s get started! Print and assemble sewing pattern according to this Burdastyle tutorial: http://www.burdastyle.com/statics/how-to-print-and-assemble-a-pattern-pdf Once you’ve assembled … More Rhino Head Sewing Instructions

Elephant Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions

This elephant head sewing pattern and tutorial was featured in the September 2015 issue of Love Sewing UK. Materials needed: *Fabric, roughly 1/2 yard. You can mix & match your fabrics for a contrasting effect; I think plaid and denim would look great together! *Matching thread *Doll stuffing *Buttons for eyes, if you’re a realist … More Elephant Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions

Upcycled Denim Challenge!

I’ve officially thrown my hat into the ring.  I’ve entered a denim upcycling competition. The competition was created by the Jake and Maya Collective, as part of their Trash 2 Treasure Challenge, a year-long upcycling challenge to bring greater awareness to waste vs sustainability.  Each month, the collective will introduce a new competition, presumably dealing … More Upcycled Denim Challenge!