Easy Summer Top! FREE Sewing Pattern Download and Instructions

I found this sewing pattern in my computer files recently: It was lost in the tangled jungle of my first draft sewing patterns file, and the date on it claimed that I made it last August. It was already drafted to a size Large (that’s my midpoint size for most of my multi-sized patterns), and … More Easy Summer Top! FREE Sewing Pattern Download and Instructions

Turn Your Fave T-Shirt Pattern Into a Summer Dress

This pattern hack is so easy that I didn’t even bother taking good pictures of the tutorial: Get yerself 1.5-1.75 yards of jersey fabric, depending on your height and size (I only used 1.5 yards, possibly less). Take your standard, run-of-the-mill jersey t-shirt sewing pattern (like this one, for example). Lay it out, as you … More Turn Your Fave T-Shirt Pattern Into a Summer Dress

Canvas Grow bags

I have a balcony in my new digs. It gets a decent amount of sunlight, enough for a garden anyways. There’s a lot of complicated information online for gardening; types of potting soil, fertilizer, top soil, compost, when to use, how to use, what to avoid, etc. I have zero gardening experience, so it was … More Canvas Grow bags

WIP: Upcycling a Decent Denim Garment

I slept poorly last night, thanks to some late-in-the-evening chocolate that my old ass can’t handle anymore. Afternoon chocolate? Yes. Evening chocolate? Too old! However, during my many hours spent unexpectedly awake, I got to thinking about upcycled denim. Specifically, skirts and shirts. More specifically, professionally made skirts and shirts. Anyone who can sew can … More WIP: Upcycling a Decent Denim Garment

Market Bag, Take Two

Okay I’ve got the basic pattern sorted out. Now Available on Etsy! Large and sturdy, this unlined canvas tote is perfect for a day at the beach, a trip to the farmer’s market, or as a cute at-home display piece for extra towel storage. Made from very thick, natural, unbleached cotton canvas Brightly coloured and … More Market Bag, Take Two

Kollabora: Meet The Maker

Yay I’ve been featured on Kollabora’s Meet The Maker series this week! This is the opening picture that they’re using: For those who don’t know, Kollabora is an online community for makers, creators and DIY enthusiasts. You can buy or sell PDF patterns, share projects, post tutorials, and just gather inspiration from what other makers … More Kollabora: Meet The Maker