Slopers! Free Slopers!

That’s right. Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, and all related (and necessary!) social distancing, I’ve been forced to resort to organizing my sewing pattern files. I finally adjusted my bodice and skirt slopers to actually match up along the waist, and now I’m sharing them with you for free.

But first, please take a look at some of my sewing patterns that are available for purchase:

Half Wrap Knit Dress Sewing Pattern
Wall Mounted Deer Head Sewing Pattern

Okay, here are the free sloper patterns for you to download!

First of all, we have the bodice slopers. They are nested, sizes S-2X, which is bust sizes 35-49″. They do not include seam allowances, but they do include some ease. The slopers are somewhat short, best for women within the height range of 5’2″ – 5′ 6″. You can easily adapt them to a taller or shorter body, by googling instructions from other sites.

To download, click on the following picture:

Amie Scott Bodice Slopers Nested

Next, we have the skirts. Also nested, in sizes S-2X, they fit hip sizes 36.5″ – 51″. They also do not include seam allowance, but they do have some ease.

To download, click on the following picture:

Amie Scott Skirt Slopers Nested

And there you have it! some free slopers. If you’re struggling with income right now, please enjoy the slopers freely, but if you are one of the lucky ones whose income hasn’t been badly affected by our current state of affairs, please feel free to help a sister out and purchase one of my sewing patterns:

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