Summer Reading List

Shortly after moving back to Toronto in May, I started up on a summer gig that had me selling ice pops at a seasonal market near Yorkville. The market was open seven days a week, from mid-May to Labour Day. I was there five days out of seven for the first few months, and there wasn’t any wifi.

So I read.

I didn’t think about recording the book list until nearly the end of the season, which was when I discovered that the Toronto Public Library doesn’t keep track of your borrowing history (not in any easily accessible form, anyway), so this list of from memory, which means that a couple books might be missing.

I also didn’t include any books that I didn’t finish (there were a few that just weren’t doing it for me).

Here’s the list of most of the books that I read this past summer, in rough chronological order:

In the Woods, Tana French

The Secret Place, Tana French

Broken Harbour, Tana French

Revival, Stephen King

Doctor Sleep, Stephen King

Road Ends, Mary Lawson

The Other Side of the Bridge, Mary Lawson

Wild, Cheryl Strayed

Sailor Girl, Sheree-Lee Olson

I Let You Go, Clare MacIntosh

Alone in the Classroom, Elizabeth Hay

Not a massive list, but I’m not a particularly heavy reader. I averaged a book every week-and-a-half, and there’s probably 3-5 unfinished books that aren’t on the list. I know that I didn’t read those two Stephen King books back-to-back, and I don’t remember going through three mind blowing heartbreakers (Wild, Sailor Girl, I Let You Go) one after the other.

I went through a lot of UK mysteries, and a lot of rural, early/mid 20th century Canadian settings. Both Wild and Sailor Girl had storylines that focussed on finding oneself through backbreaking journeys. Both Stephen King novels were meh. I discovered early in the season that I only wanted novels, no short story anthologies, no nonfiction.

I felt very lucky to spend those few months reading so many great books.


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