Sewing Patterns Now Available on Makerist!

Have you guys heard of Makerist? If you live in Europe, and you’re a fan of sewing, knitting, crochet or embroidery, then you probably have. Makerist is an online community for people who enjoy these crafts, and they reached out to me recently to see if I wanted to sell my sewing patterns with them!


Obvies, I said yes, and here’s the link to my Makerist profile!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Makerist, they are an online community for people who enjoy sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery.

From their website:

“Makerist is an online community for creative professionals and for those wishing to become one. Here you will find video-courses and tutorials by experienced teachers in sewing, knitting and other handicraft areas, whilst meeting like-minded people who, like yourself, are passionate about creating something truly unique with their own two hands. With us you will gain access to the best tutorials and hottest tips, before presenting your work to our wonderful community.”

They sell downloadable patterns and kits made by independent designers, they offer video classes and tutorials, members can upload pictures of their projects, it’s a great site for craft enthusiasts, and it’s super popular over in Europe.

They originated in Germany some time last year, and have managed to accumulate a massive following in that short time. They have well over 100,000 followers on their main Facebook page, tens of thousands more on their satellite pages for knitting and sewing pages, and their designers sold a combined million sewing patterns in 2015 alone. They’ve since launched a French version of their site that has also blown up right away, and they’re hoping to do the same with their English site.

So I’m totally stoked to be asked to be a part of their gang!


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