Paper Sewing Patterns

I’m very pleased to announce that I am now offering my sewing patterns in printed form!


In stepping away from the digital platform, I’m able to create a more aesthetic experience with my sewing patterns. The patterns are professionally printed on large engineering sheets, which are then folded into a handbound booklet that offers step-by-step sewing instructions with large black and white photos.


The cover of the sewing instructions booklet is made from Japanese linen cardstock, which features a distinctive textured pattern similar to linen fabric.


These sewing pattern booklets are available on Etsy (click here to check them out!). In the coming months, I will be offering all of my current sewing patterns in printed format, and I plan to add a couple of in-the-works patterns as well. I hope to have a good selection of sewing pattern booklets available in time for holiday gift shopping, so stay tuned if you have a sewing enthusiast on your gift list!



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