Moose Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions

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Ah, the majestic moose. Tall, mean and Canadian.

ms25Just like me (if I were tall).


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Fabric, not very much, like less than 1/2 yd

The stiffest interfacing you can find for the antlers (and they still might flop over anyway especially if you’re using fabric that isn’t very heavy; I suggest either using wire inside the antlers, or Scotch tape to stick the antlers to the wall)

Coordinating thread

Doll stuffing

You can also use contrasting fabric for the antlers (I used one fabric for the whole piece, which I never do for the moose heads that I make to sell; I don’t know why I did it this time).

There is a 3/8″ seam allowance included, but not marked.

Let’s get started!

Print up your sewing pattern.

Once your pattern is printed, lay out your pages so that the numbered dots near the edges of the pages match up with the corresponding numbered dots (1A with 1A, 2B with 2B, etc). It should look like actual sewing pattern pieces when you do that.

pdf printing instruct

Cut your fabric according to the instructions on the pattern pieces.


Take your hanging loop piece, and press it down 1/2″ lengthwise along both edges.

ms7Press it in half lengthwise again. Sew.

ms8Fold into a loop and baste stitch.

ms9Sew the antlers, right sides together, with the interfacing. Clip and notch the curves.


Turn right side out.


Top stitch.


Take a sharp pair of scissors and cut ’em in half!

ms6Sew the ears, right sides together. Trim down the pointy tips.ms11

Turn the ears right side out and sew a little tuck into them.

ms12Right sides together, pin and baste stitch the ear onto the side of head.

ms13Right sides together, lay the antler so that it’s just above the ear tuck, slightly overlapping the ear, pin and baste stitch.

ms14Sew the back of head to the side of head, right sides together, with the curved long edge of the Back of Head matching p with the Side of Head.

ms15Right sides together, sew the top of head to side of head.

ms16Repeat with the other side.

ms17Sew the under sides together, starting at the nose tip and ending at the back of head.

ms18Sew the Back of Head together at the centre back seam, but only a few stitches at the base, and a few stitches at the top of head. You want to leave a gap for turning and stuffing.

ms21Baste the hanging loop to the Top of Head.


Sew the top of head to the top of the back pieces.


Turn and stuff!



Hand sew the opening shut, using a ladder stitch (you can find my tutorial right here)!

Hang your moose on the wall for all to admire.


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