Easy Summer Top! FREE Sewing Pattern Download and Instructions

I found this sewing pattern in my computer files recently:


It was lost in the tangled jungle of my first draft sewing patterns file, and the date on it claimed that I made it last August. It was already drafted to a size Large (that’s my midpoint size for most of my multi-sized patterns), and ready to be graded. I don’t actually remember drafting it, so I viewed it as a forgotten gift; like when you come home piss-drunk and wash a load of dishes, or prep a fantastic hangover breakfast for yourself.

And I decided to make it free for you to download!

It’s available in sizes S-XXL:

Small fits bust 34-36″

Medium fits bust 37-39″

Large fits bust 40-42″

XL fits bust 44-46″

XXL fits bust 47-49″

And there’s 2-4″ of ease in the measurements of the finished garment, depending on your bust size.

Here’s me in my size:


And here’s the mannequin modeling the back view (no pics of my profile; I was wearing a pushup bra, and the results were both impressive and a little distracting for a sewing tutorial!):


And side view:


I used a thick double knit jersey, entirely because it was all I had on hand. I think something more lightweight and drapey, like a rayon jersey knit, or even a woven cotton shirting fabric would work just fine.

For yardage, if you have a nice 60″ width fabric, you can probably get away with a little less than a yard! The pattern is only 30″ at the longest, with a very square shape, so you can just lay the pattern pieces side by side. If you have a narrower fabric, you might need to get 2 yards and lay the pieces lengthwise.

The construction is very straightforward, and you probably don’t even need instructions if you have some garment experience under your belt!

You’ll see that there are only two pattern pieces, the front and the back, and these two pieces are overlaid for efficiency.

If you need clarification, the back piece has the higher neckline, and the lower hemline:


You can choose to print the pattern twice, and cut each piece separately, or you can cut the back piece first, copy it onto a large sheet of drafting paper/newspaper/poster board, and then cut out the front piece. Your call!

Once your pattern is printed, lay out your pages so that the numbered dots near the edges of the pages match up with the corresponding numbered dots (1A with 1A, 2B with 2B, etc). It should look like actual sewing pattern pieces when you do that:


Attach the pages together so that those numbered dots line up, trimming pages to reduce paper bulk where necessary.


Front and back pieces are each cut on the fold (that should be obvious, considering you just printed half a shirt).

As for the sewing instructions, it’s very simple.

With right sides facing, sew the shoulders and side seams, and serge or zigzag the raw edges.

Then you double fold the neckline, armholes, and hem, and top stitch. You can zigzag stitch, or just sew a straight stitch, using a stretch stitch for the neckline (just to be safe).


And that’s it!

It’s such a simple pattern, and it sews up in no time. You can make a million of these tops for summer, and just breeze around like you’re the queen of England.

Happy sewing!