Turn Your Fave T-Shirt Pattern Into a Summer Dress

This pattern hack is so easy that I didn’t even bother taking good pictures of the tutorial:


Get yerself 1.5-1.75 yards of jersey fabric, depending on your height and size (I only used 1.5 yards, possibly less).

Take your standard, run-of-the-mill jersey t-shirt sewing pattern (like this one, for example).


Lay it out, as you normally would, but add 18-20″ in length beyond the regular hemline. Measure it out at Centre Front, as well as at the side seam, and your hemline should retain the original curve.



I added 20″ to my pattern, but it was too long for my 5’3.5″ frame, and I looked like a dumpling. So I shaved off a couple inches, and all was good.

Add the same length to the back pattern piece:


Add some collar and armhole binding. I made armhole bands, similar to a neckband or waistband, that were just a couple of rectangles measuring the length of my armhole, and the same width as my neckband: L18″xW2″. You can measure the length of your pattern’s armholes for your own armband length.

Sew it as you normally would, and slap it on your bod!

You could even draft your own pattern from your t-shirt pattern, so that you have your very own t-shirt dress pattern on hand that you can use to pump out a thousand of these babies in all the colours and prints that you want. I use a kid’s craft drawing paper roll from Ikea for my pattern drafting, but you can also find them for similar prices at your local craft supply store!


Again, apologies for the janky pics, but it’s a sound tutorial nonetheless, dontchathink?