New Patterns in The Works

With summer well on its way, I was inspired to make a few new shirt patterns. I guess for myself, for summer, because all of my clothing is old, but I also wanted to make them multi-sized, so that you all could sew some of your own!

This one was very simple, a sleeveless cotton top with tucks in the shoulder for ease (instead of a more traditional bust dart):


Here’s a closeup of the shoulder work:


The neckline and armholes are finished with binding, and the hem is gently scalloped, with a simple double fold. This one won’t be ready anytime soon, it was just a quick n’ dirty I Need a Top Right Now kinda moment, and I might not even bother making it available for public use.


I followed it up with this pattern, one that was sketched weeks ago, but not forgotten:


This top was called Miss Millie, a take on Miss Military, because when I was sketching her, I was picturing a camouflage print quilting cotton as the fabric. Sigh, I don’t actually have any camo print cotton in stock currently, but the name stuck.

Here’s the real life Miss Millie, sewn and streamlined to not include the necktie (I may update the pattern to include a necktie option, because that sketch looks adorable):


Miss Millie has tab sleeves, subtle shaping in the form of a horizontal princess seam along the bodice front, a collarless centre front slit neckline, and, as it turned out, the exact same back bodice as the shoulder tuck top. Miss Millie is finished with binding at the neckline and arms, and has the same gently scalloped, double folded hem.

Miss Millie should be available for purchase sometime soonish! All I have to do is take pictures of the tutorial, and write the instructions. Huh, I say “all I have to do” like it’s not the most time consuming part of the process; you can expect this pattern to be ready pretty much in time for the first snowfall.

Anyway, when she’s finally up and running, Miss Millie will be available in sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL, which will span bust sizes 35-48″ (at least, I think that’s the size range…), and she’ll be available in all the usual haunts:






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