Canvas Grow bags

I have a balcony in my new digs. It gets a decent amount of sunlight, enough for a garden anyways.

There’s a lot of complicated information online for gardening; types of potting soil, fertilizer, top soil, compost, when to use, how to use, what to avoid, etc. I have zero gardening experience, so it was kinda mind-boggling. Eventually, I managed to jump in and buy some plants, tomato, kale and strawberry. I put them in small pots, planning on buying larger pots as they grew.

And then I found out about grow bags, which are very useful for container gardening, and super easy to make, if you sew. How exciting!

Using some natural canvas that I had kicking around from my market bags, I made a hanging grow bag:


And a couple smaller stand alone bags:


After learning about grow bags, I had to go buy more plants. It was a lot of fun picking out the little dudes. I had to restrain myself though, even though I kinda loved the idea of corn stalks on my balcony, I thought that I should probably stick with the plants that don’t grow as high as an elephant’s eye.

Here’s the gang:


And here’s the tutorial I used to make most of the grow bags (I didn’t use a tute or a pattern to make the hanging bag, maybe I’ll post one soon).

I’ve wanted to grow vegetables for years, so I’m pretty stoked about this.

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  1. So cool! I’ve never actually heard of these so I’m intrigued 🙂 I started my own veggie garden this year…and i may have to use these bags next year. Happy gardening.

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