Bow Tie Blouse Sewing Pattern and Instructions

Introducing my newest sewing pattern:

The Bow Tie Blouse.

Make it in a soft cotton shirting fabric:


Wear it tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt for a sexy secretary look:


Make it in jersey and be the coziest gal in town:


This is a printable PDF for a multi-sized sewing pattern, sizes 4-18, Bust 35″ – 46″. It features kimono cap sleeves, a keyhole neckline, a long bow tie, and a gently flared bodice.

Purchase the sewing pattern here!

Purchase the sewing pattern here!

Purchase the sewing pattern here!

Suggested fabrics: cotton shirting, quilting cotton, chambray, linen, silk, cotton jersey, bamboo jersey, rayon jersey, clean upcycled bedsheets, clean upcycled cotton tablecloth.

There is a 3/8″ seam allowance included but not marked on the sewing pattern.

Materials needed:

*1.5 – 2.25 yds fabric (minimum 45″ width)

*Sewing machine



*Tailor’s Ham (optional)

*Clapper (optional)

Suggested skill level: Intermediate.

Must know:

*How to use sewing machine and serger (or must know how to finish seams without serger)

*Experience in sewing garments

*Sewing narrow hems

*Working with chosen fabric type

*Following sewing pattern instructions

Let’s get started:

Print up your sewing pattern PDF, sized at 100%, and piece it together, matching the numbered black dots on the pattern, attaching pages together with clear tape.



Cut out all pattern pieces and lay them out on your fabric, making sure that fabric is folded in half lengthwise.


Trace pieces, and cut out fabric carefully with very sharp scissors.

Right sides facing, sew the necktie at centre back, and press open the seam.


Right sides facing, fold the ends of the tie in half lengthwise, and sew each end point, leaving 3/8″ unsewn at the raw edges.

You should have two ends that look like this:


Press down the raw edges 3/8″ lengthwise along the necktie.

Put aside.


Right sides together, sew the keyhole facing to the keyhole on the front bodice.


Clip notches along the seam allowance.

Turn the bodice so that it’s wrong side up, and double fold the facing along the keyhole, pinning into place.


Topstitch facing into place, as close to the edge of the facing as you can!

Press keyhole using a ham (if you have one) to get around the curved edge.


Right sides facing, sew the back bodice pieces together lengthwise along centre back seam.

Serge, and press to one side.


Right sides facing, sew the back bodice to front at the shoulders.

Serge, and press seam forward.


Open up shirt so that it lays flat, right side up, and sew the armhole facing along the edge of the sleeve, using 1/4″ seam allowance.


Press facing and seam outward, away from the bodice.


Right sides facing, sew and serge along the side seams, taking care to keep the armhole seams facing outward.


Keeping the top inside out, double fold the armhole facing, and top stitch along the edge of the facing.


With the top remaining inside out, pin the necktie around the neckline, starting at centre back and working your way to the sides. Make sure that the folded edge of the necktie matches up with the edge of the neckline.


Sew necktie to neckline, using the folded edge as a stitching guide.

Fold over the necktie to the right side of the top, starting once again at the centre back seam, and working your way outward, pinning into place.


Continue pinning the necktie in half lengthwise along each tie, until you reach the pointed ends.


Carefully top stitch all the way around, starting at one tie end, sewing around the neckline, and ending at the other tie end.


Double fold your hemline using 1/2″ folds, pin, and sew, using a 1/2″ seam allowance.


Press hem flat, and turn right side out.


Click on following pic to purchase printable pattern PDF:





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