Hobo Bag

I used to have a tote that I made from the bodice of a dress that didn’t work out. 

It was a very basic bodice; no sleeves, no collar, and, with the zipper removed and the armholes sewn shut, it made a great tote. The fabric was a sturdy cotton twill in a green camouflage print, and it lasted for years.

So I’m happy to say that it’s inspired me to make an updated version.   

This tote is a single strap hobo bag, flat, fully lined, and it has one small pocket on the outside (which you can’t see because the camouflage is a smashing success).

This is the kind of shopping tote that I dream of. It’s large, deep, and folds up into a small package in your purse. It’s lined with a floral print, and the strap is extra wide for comfort.  

Cotton fabrics inside and out, and it’s just so strong and capable that I might not be able to let it go.

You can find the bag here on Etsy, if I am able to part with it. But beware: I might make a copy of the bag for myself.    


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