Free Sewing Pattern Set: Christmas Edition

Here is a free downloadable set of sewing patterns for Christmas Ornaments! Click on the picture to download:


Click Me!


*This is a great upcycling project. Old jeans, sweaters with holes in them, torn pyjamas, you name it.

*Doll Stuffing

*Yarn to hang your ornaments

As for instructions, they are sparse.


Each pattern is sewn with WRONG sides together, so that the seam allowance is part of the finished look. If you want to tidy them up, feel free to sew right sides together, clip notches in the curves and turn right side out. I prefer the rustic look of exposed seam allowances myself!

Each pattern includes a 1/4″ seam allowance, but you can use your own artistic liberty with that. If you want to sew it with a 1/2″ seam allowance, do that instead.

Each piece can be lightly stuffed with doll stuffing to give it a more three-dimensional effect, but you can also just sew the ornaments flat. Again, your call.


And I’ve added some coloured arrows to this image (not part of the sewing patterns), allow me to decipher them:

*Yellow arrows indicate where you would start and stop your stitching line if you want to leave a gap to stuff the ornament with doll stuffing. The dotted line indicates the open area that gets stitched up after stuffing.

*Pink arrow is pointing to the placement of the yarn loop, or whatever you choose to hang your ornament with. I took an 8″ length of yarn, tied the ends into a knot, sandwiched it between front and back pattern pieces, and sewed over it, with the knot inside the stitching line to anchor it down. The ornaments are all very lightweight, even after stuffing them, and the yarn holds it nicely in place.

The mitten pattern is slightly different, in that you tie a knot at each end of the piece of string, rather than tying it into a loop. Each knot goes into a mitten.

The stitching lines for the trim on the mittens and stocking are indicated with a dashed line about 3/4″ in from the edge of the pattern. Again, you can use your own creativity with those. You can choose to make your mitten/stocking extra long and simply fold over the excess fabric, or you can sew on a scrap of sweater fabric for a realistic touch.

*Green circle shows how many pattern pieces you cut for each project (spoiler alert: every pattern is only two pieces, the exact same front and back. Except the candle, which is the two pieces, plus a tiny flame piece that you cut out in contrasting colour) (other spoiler alert: I know I erased at least one of these pattern piece indicators when I was tidying up the pattern, so good luck!)

There are blurry diamonds to show you how to match up the pages. But, hey, the entire set of patterns only takes up 4 pages, and only the sweater pattern piece overlaps onto a separate page, so I think you can stumble your way through it!

Happy Sewing!


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