Shark Puppet Sewing Instructions

This guy:


Is fairly easy to put together, despite the high number of photos included in these instructions.

The finished measurements of the puppet are L10.5″ x W4.5″, which isn’t very big. It’s meant to fit the hands of a child or small-handed adult (I have small adult hands and it fits me just fine). If you have large adult hands, you might want to adjust the printer settings on your computer so that the pattern prints out at a size larger than 100%.

Here’s the trusty Burdastyle tutorial on how to print and assemble  a sewing pattern PDF.

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Materials needed:

*Less than 1/4yd Grey felt for the outer body** (see note below)

*Scrap of pink felt for the mouth

*Scrap of white felt for the teeth (I didn’t have white felt, so I used yellow, you can do what you like!)

*Less than 1/4yd woven cotton fabric for lining, such as quilting cotton

*Black buttons for eyes


**Note: Make sure that it’s fabric felt that you use for this project, bought by-the-yard from the fabric store. Craft felt (felt sheets from craft sections like at Michael’s, Dollarama or Walmart) is way too flimsy. If you use craft felt, you WILL poke a thumb through it.

The only issue with fabric felt is that while you just need the tiniest amount of grey, pink and white for this project, fabric stores usually have a minimum yardage that they will sell you (1/4yd being the smallest amount that I’ve ever seen, and sometimes the minimum amount is 1/2yd) so you’ll be stuck with a bunch of leftover pink and white felt fabrics.

A 1/4″ seam allowance is included but not marked on this pattern.

Let’s get started!


Cut out your fabric pieces according to pattern instructions(picture included in purchased instructions).

Right sides facing, baste stitch the teeth to the mouth, using a scant 1/8″ seam allowance.


Right sides facing, sew Upper Body pieces together, from nose tip to base.

Trim and notch around curves.


Open the Upper Body, and with right sides facing, sew it to the Lower Body along the sides, from the base to the markings near the curved tops.


This is what it looks like from the top of the shark’s body:


Now you’ll attach the mouth to the body!

The body is still inside out, as you’ll see in the next picture (RS = Right Side of fabric, WS = Wrong Side of fabric):


Flip the mouth over onto the body, right sides facing, matching up top and bottom notches.

Pin together, easing mouth to fit mouth hole.

The mouth should fit the mouth hole easily, but if the mouth hole is noticeably bigger (or smaller), you might have to adjust your side seams to accommodate.

Lengthen the side seams is the mouth hole is too big.

If the mouth hole is too small, you’ll have to open up the stitches on the side seams and shorten the length of the seams.


Sew the mouth to the mouth hole one half at a time.

Start at one side seam and sew the upper half of mouth, stopping at the opposite side seam.


Now sew the lower half of the mouth, starting at one side seam and ending at the opposite seam.


The outside of the puppet is done! If you’d like, you can turn it right side out to admire your handiwork!



Now you’ll sew the lining.

With right sides facing, sew the upper lining to the lower lining.

Leave a gap unsewn along one side seam as marked (you’ll be pulling your inside out puppet through this hole later on!).


Now you’ll sew the mouth of the lining to the body of the lining.


The process is the same as it was with the outer body.

Right sides facing, pin the mouth to the mouth hole, matching notches.

Sew the mouth to the mouth hole one half at a time, starting at one side seam and ending at the opposite seam.



Turn the lining right side out, and make sure that the outer body is inside out.


Place the lining inside the outer body, matching up the side seams.


Pin, and sew around the wrist opening. Go carefully to ensure a smooth even seam!


Now pull the lining out of the outer body. Both the lining and the outer body should be inside out.

Find the opening along the side of the lining.


Carefully pull the body and lining right side out through that opening.

One everything is right side out, sew the side of the lining shut.


Now tuck the lining back into the outer body, smoothing out any bunched up fabric that might collect inside the curves.


Hand sew the buttons onto the upper body where indicated.

And you’re done!