I’ve Been Published!

In a real paper magazine no less! And I’ve been sitting on this blog post for months.

As you may know, I create sewing pattern PDFs that I sell on Etsy and Craftsy. Many of them are wall mounted animal heads, and they’re very cute and you should buy one.

Back in June, I was contacted by the editor of Love Sewing UK, who was interested in publishing my elephant head sewing pattern in an issue.


I was at the airport when I received her email, already wound up on sleep deprivation to catch an early flight to my favourite province for a large family reunion. On a side note: Nobody gets more excited than I do to visit Nova Scotia; when I’m there, I breathe as deeply as possible to take it’s essence with me; I gaze intently at the landscape, determined to keep the lupins and the shorelines and the heavy forest in my mind; I small talk with strangers like I’d lived there all my life; and I leave the province feeling like I’m returning to my own Purgatory, aka Ontario.

Anyway, you can imagine the silly noise I let out about the possibility of getting published.

I had a bit of work to do, tidying up the sewing instructions, re-shooting the pictures, etc. But I got it all done in time, and the issue that I’m in goes out on the racks today!

Here’s the much higher quality picture that appears in Love Sewing UK:


And here’s a link to the first project picture that they received from one of their readers (using great fabric).

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest, please be advised that I’ll be hooting and hollering about this all month.

How exciting!