Rhino Head Sewing Instructions

Here he is.




The sewing pattern PDF can be purchased here on my Etsy page.

Materials needed:

*1/2 yd fabric (at the very most, probably closer to 1/4 yd)

*Doll stuffing


*Hand sewing needle

*Sewing machine

Let’s get started!

Print and assemble sewing pattern according to this Burdastyle tutorial:


Once you’ve assembled your pattern and cut out your fabric, your pattern pieces should look like this:

(Picture only available in purchased sewing pattern download)


There is a 1/2″ seam allowance included in the pattern, but not marked. You can feel free to go down to a 3/8″ seam allowance on the same pattern, it makes very little difference to the outcome of the project!

Let’s start with the small fiddly bits and get them out of the way! Take your hanging loop piece, and press it down 1/4″ lengthwise along both edges.

ele2 ele3

Press it in half lengthwise again.


Pin and sew one seam lengthwise.


Fold into a loop and baste the short edges together.


Next up: the ear. Sew the ear right sides together, leaving the bottom edge open. Trim and notch around the seam allowance.


Turn ears right side out, press.

Folding the ears in half lengthwise, sew a few (2-3) basting stitches at the base of the ear, about halfway between the centre fold and the outside edge.


Sew ears right sides together to the Side of Head pieces where indicated on pattern.


Sew Top of Head to Side of Head, starting at the tip of the small horn and going over the basted ear, to the edge of the head. You should have about 1/2-3/4″ of the Top of Head piece extending beyond the Side of Head.


Sew other Side of Head piece to Top of Head, also starting at the small horn.


Take your Under Chin piece and sew it to the Side of Head, starting at the rhino’s pointy lip (as indicated on pattern piece), and sewing all the way up the back of the head, to meet up with the Top of Head piece.

**Remember to leave a 4″ gap along the back of the head!! It’ll be how you turn your creature right side out and stuff him when you’re finished sewing!

The following picture uses pink stitch marks to indicate where you should sew:


Repeat sewing Under Chin to the other side of head, but you cn simply sew all the way up the back of the head this time; you only need one gap!

Sew the nosey bits together, starting at the small horn, sewing down around the large horn, over the mouth, to meet up with the Under Chin stitching on the bottom.


Trim and notch all of those tricky horn curves.

Now it’s time to sew shut the top of the head, where the Under Chin meets the Top of Head pieces.

*Baste stitch your Hanging Loop to the Top of Head. Align the open edge of the Top of Head to the open edge of the Under Chin and sew it all shut.


Now you can turn your head right side out! The pink stitches in the picture are pointing to the gap that we left in the back of the head. That’s where you’re going to stuff him!


Once he’s stuffed, hand sew the gap shut, using a ladder stitch.

Mount him on your wall!