Free: Skirt Slopers, Multi-Sized

I’ve just started learning how to create sewing patterns using my computer! Today, in fact. And I’m not sure if I’ll evolve enough to be able to make lovely complex patterns that I can offer online for your own enjoyment, but I did manage to churn out a little something.



Introducing: my multi-sized skirt sloper for sizes 10-22!

*These slopers fit sizes 10-22 ( that’s dress sizes, not sewing pattern sizes), waist 29-39″, hips 40-50″

*This sloper includes a 1/2″ seam allowance, because I’m an idiot who forgot that slopers don’t come with seam allowances.

*The sloper measures 20″ in length, please feel free to lengthen or shorten at your convenience

*It features standardized 1″ darts on both front and back pieces.

*The back piece includes a 1/2″ seam allowance along Centre Back for a zipper closure

*The front piece does NOT indicate that you place the Centre Front on a fold, but please place the Centre Front on a fold.

And for a short time, I’m offering this set of slopers for FREE! Hella damn free!

Click here to download!

Click here to download!

Click here to download!

Here is that trusty old Burdastyle tutorial on how to print and assemble a sewing pattern PDF.

Please note: there are no instructions included on how to sew this project together, this sloper is merely a sewing tool, rather than a finished product. If you can’t figure out how to Google up some plain skirt and finishing instructions, then that’s your beef.

Please also note: I forgot to include any layout instructions, so be aware that pages 2-7 are the front sloper, and should be pieced together in this order:

p2 p1

p4 p3

p6 p5

And pages 8-13 are the back sloper:

p9 p8

p11 p10

p13 p12

That being said, please enjoy my drafted slopers, and let me know how they turn out for you! Maybe when my eyes uncross, I’ll create skirt slopers for sizes 2-10.

Happy sewing!

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