Free For A Week: Deer Head Sewing Pattern (Has Ended)

**This Free For a Week has ended. Thanks to everyone who took an interest in my work, and stay tuned for the next Free For a Week!

Consider this an experiment.

Instead of constantly hoarding our goods and knowledge to ourselves, and only doling it out whenever someone waves a shiny dollar bill under our noses, why don’t we offer up some freebies now and then?

For one week, from Thursday May 21 to Thursday May 28, I will offer up one of my most sought after sewing patterns, The Wall-Mounted Deer Head, to all who happen across this post, for free. It’s not that I normally sell it online for such a huge price, it’s just nice to do something nice for strangers once in awhile.

Here is the link to the sewing pattern PDF:


And here’s the link to the printing and assembly instructions.

Happy Sewing!




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