Invitation to The Makers of Durham Region

On Thursday June 11, from 7:30-9pm, The Labour District will be hosting the first meetup of Make and Style Durham.

Organized by Sarah Peel, a personal stylist and eco-friendly beauty coach who offers style classes and fitting services through Love Ur Layers, Make and Style is inviting any local fashion/style creator (professional or enthusiastic hobbyist) to this event!


This is Sarah and I trying to imitate the painting behind us at the RMG First Fridays

From the Make and Style page:

Make and Style Durham has two purposes:

1) Connecting creative professionals across Durham Region for networking and collaboration.

2) Connecting every day Durham folk with their local creative professionals for inspiration and learning.

Together we will host networking and workshop-style events.

Who should join?

Makers of consumable/wearable goods (knitters, jewellery/cheese/pickle/stationery makers, tailors, florists, upholsterers, LOL etc),

Designers (interior, fashion, graphic, landscape),

Stylists (fashion, make-up)


FAT 2008

So if you live in Durham Region, and make clothing/accessories/jewelry/interior design, or if you’re just a big fan of locally made goods, you should definitely drop by.

Here’s the link to the meetup group for more info:


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