The Labour District Diaries: One Year In


It’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire year since we opened The Labour District.


So much work. So many lessons. It is hella hard starting a new business, and I don’t know how people manage it without a partner and secondary income. We were both working six days a week, as well as living in my mother’s basement (we still are) just to get the business running.

And we’re still incubating. We can’t afford apartment rent yet. We’re further in debt than I’ve ever been in my life (I didn’t go to college; it’s not like our debt is gargantuan in comparison to tuition). We still totally need external income. And we still have more plans and dreams for the store!

But it’s Spring. The skateboards are moving. The dresses are moving. We’re getting to know our neighbours. I’m a member of Oshawa’s Cultural Leadership Council. Things are progressing, and it’s very exciting.

Photo by Carole McDonald

Photo by Carole McDonald


Photo by Carole McDonald

We’re happy to be here.



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