DIY Summer Jumpsuit from a Large Shirt

This is a throwback post, from back when I was young and pretty and living in a city. Hot damn I miss that apartment. And that body.

Take a very large button down shirt.  Very large: I used a men’s XL, and I’m a women’s Medium.  The shirt has to be long enough that it goes down to your mid-thigh.



Cut off the sleeves and collar, cutting a bit lower on the front of the neckline.

jum2Sew along the sides of the bodice so that it fits you better (follow the yellow dots).

Hem the armholes and neckline.

Cut out a small upside-down V from the bottom of the shirt.

*Something I forgot to do was to measure the distance from the top of my shoulder to the middle of my crotch, to avoid a jumpsuit wedgie (and thus, I had a major jumpsuit wedgie).  So measure the distance from your shoulder to your crotch, and cut the V accordingly.

jum3That little V is about 3.5″ on either side, but should probably have been about 2″ long instead. I’ll never sit again.

You could just sew the two V’s together and call it a day, but I think that adding some extra fabric to the crotch will give you a little more room (not to mention, a little less camel toe).

Taking one of your discarded sleeves, cut out a rectangle that measures about 4″ wide and the length of both sides of your V, plus 1″ for hem (my V was 3.5″ on one side, so the length of my fabric strip was 7″ plus 1″ for hem).



Starting at the apex of the crotch, pin the long side of the fabric strip to the front of the shorts, right sides facing together.  Fold over the excess fabric on the end of the strip and sew the crotch add-on to the crotch.

Repeat with the back side of the shorts.



And now it should look like this:

jum6I also tied two little strips of fabric to the shoulders to gather them. Oh man, I didn’t realize how large those boots are on me; no wonder I sound like a damn centaur whenever I walk around in them.