Wall Mounted Bull Head Instructions

Why would you need a wall-mounted bull head, you ask?

Because it’s so damn cute.

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These are the instructions on how to assemble your wall-mounted bull head. You can find the sewing pattern over here, on my Etsy page.

And here is the Burdastyle link on how to print and assemble a PDF sewing pattern.

Materials needed:

~1/2yd fabric, or 1/4 yd of one colour and 1/4 yd of contrasting fabric


Doll stuffing

Let’s get started!

Clockwise from top left: horns, ears, sides of head, head band.


Not included in this picture is the hanging loop, with which one hangs their animal head.


You take a scrap of fabric, 1″ x 2″ press the long outside edges inward by 1/4″


Fold it in half lengthwise again, press.


Stitch it.


Fold it into a loop. Stitch it closed, if you like.


Next up: the horn!

Sew the horn pieces, right sides facing, leaving a 2-3″ gap along the bottom.


Trim points and notch accordingly. Turn right side out, press and put aside.

Sew the ears, right sides facing.

Notch around the curves, and turn right side out.

Press, and fold down the ear so that the top edge is folded over (it’s marked on the pattern). Baste it in place!


Sew the ears, right sides facing, the sides on the heads, where indicated on the pattern pieces.


Starting at the top corner, sew the band around the side of head, leaving 1/2″ excess of the neckband as a seam allowance (I didn’t take a picture of this, and I hope it makes sense).


Repeat with the other side of head, leaving a 4″ gap along the straight edge (right side of above picture). This is so you can fill the head with stuffing.

You should still have a gap along the top, where the start of the head band meets the end of the head band. Pin the hanging loop in place, and sew it shut.

Here’s another picture from a different tutorial that should help (because I forgot to take pictures of this step). Blue is the stitching line. Pink is the loop.


Turn it right side out.


Stuff the head. Hand sew the side gap shut.


Cute! And you could even leave out the horn, add some hair and have a cow head instead.


For the horn, just stuff it, hand sew the gap closed, and hand sew the horn onto the head.

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