Hello Ladies,

As a result of my fantastic voyage into the netherworld of men’s wear design, I’ve started creating women’s wear with a more masculine edge.


I’ve redrafted this shirt dress pattern too many times to count. My first working pattern (not including all the practice patterns that I’d pumped out before I was satisfied, omg the amount of work I’ve already poured into these stupid dresses without knowing if they’ll even sell, wtf am I doing with my life) had bust darts and self-facing. The second pattern had princess seams and included some complicated facing layout that turned the whole pattern into a 14-piece monstrosity good luck keeping 3-4 sizes of that intact for the season. And then the third version went back to darts with a different type of self facing.




also V2

As it turns out, facing sucks. But by this point, I had sorted out my men’s wear challenges, and just decided to make the dresses like the shirts. With a damn stinking placket and nary a facing in sight.

on the right

on the right

Instead of facing, I have a nice front placket and collar stand. Instead of side seam pockets that did bad things to the skirt, I have patch pockets (deal with it). I even managed to magic up a matching pattern piece for front and back skirts.

Love me please.


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