Men’s Wear Slopers

I think I’m in love with men’s wear.


The crisp lines of their undarted bodies.  The no-nonsense approach to style and fit. The focus on skilled execution of a garment.

Men’s wear vs women’s wear is like baking vs cooking.


Of course, I’ve only just entered this world of men’s wear. I couldn’t even find trustworthy fitting charts or sloper instructions anywhere within my own library of sewing textbooks.  I mooned over the selection of books on pattern drafting men’s wear, itching to buy even one book, but convincing myself to wait until I have the income to cover a new textbook (and then forgetting about my vow long enough to purchase a food processor and perhaps a season of Jersey Shore shut up you don’t know my life, but then mysteriously deciding after said purchase that adding a Gareth Kershaw book would be too decadent).

Luckily, that was when I remembered the internet.

I Googled men’s slopers, and after some research, I came upon this charming Youtube tutorial.

It moves fast; you have to pause every two seconds to calculate and draw your own slopers. But if you add some minor tweaking (dat ease), I think it works. At least, I’ve been pressing a sloper to my husband’s torso, as well as comparing the sloper to my already made button-down shirt patterns, and it looks legit.

I am cautiously optimistic.


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