The Shirtdress

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have learned a new life lesson. It is related to time; time as we’re used to understanding it, not time as a non-linear scientific theory, this is a fashion blog for heaven’s sake.

What I’ve learned is that it takes way longer for me to execute an idea than what I’d previously expected.

I’m talking shirtdresses.

I started talking shirtdresses last summer, which would have made sense. Shirtdresses are summery, and I thought I’d be able to draft up a pattern that I liked and pump out a few dresses before the weather changed.

I was wrong. I couldn’t figure out which kind of shirtdress I wanted. Did I want it fitted, or loose and drapey? Could I make it look good without lining it? Did it need to be accompanied by a belt? Did I want to go classic, vintage inspired, or something more modern?

I couldn’t wrap my head around what I wanted to make. Every shirtdress I tried to make came out very wrong, in one way or another. Too loose, too tight, too shapeless, too complicated, too boring, too wtf-is-this-pattern-piece-even-supposed-to-be? Then Summer begat Fall, and Fall begat Winter, and I was really busy all the way up to New Year’s Eve. Then I went on a vacay to see my kindred spirits. Bliss.

And it wasn’t until I returned from my trip that I was finally, FINALLY, able to make a shirtdress that I liked.


Ah, yes.

As you can see, I went with a classic silhouette. Fitted, but not tight, princess seams and an A-line skirt so as to flatter multiple shapes and sizes of lovely ladies. Oh, and side seam pockets! We do love our pockets, don’t we?

I’m quite pleased with how crisp the collar and sleeves turned out:


Crisp (that’s a YouTube link to my favourite Gordon Crisp line in Freaks and Geeks, and whenever I use the word “crisp” I think of Gordon Crisp and you should too, hence the link).

And I wasn’t actually planning on making them all in denim. In fact, I don’t really know why I used denim for such an early draft attempt. Denim ain’t cheap. Oh well, it turned out and I can sell it.

Here’s the type of fabric I plan on using for these shirtdresses:


Brightly printed cotton, just like last year’s dresses.

The shirtdresses will be available for Spring and Summer, or immediately if you shop at The Labour District.


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