2014, In Review

What an exciting year. For me; maybe yours wasn’t exciting at all. Or maybe it was shitty exciting (I’ve had a few years like that, 2010, looking at you with a screwface).

At any rate, today is that last day of 2014, whether you liked it or not.

Let’s reflect.

I moved to a new-to-me/old-to-me city, into my mother’s basement, and opened a shop with my husband. Before this big change, I’d lived in the same apartment for ten years, at the same overall address (different apartments) for fourteen years. Fourteen years!

It was a nerve-wracking move, as all moves are, and after all the packing and sorting of fourteen years of my life, we were very happy to have it behind us.

Here’s The Labour District when we first got our keys last March:

thelabourdistrict1During renovations:

20140323_114042It felt like this period would never end. Like we’d be sinking money into an unopened shop forever.

This is before we opened, because we totally didn’t let that janky clothing rack out on display:

tld5And then we opened. It was scary and exciting. It’s no longer scary and exciting, but it’s grown into an ongoing source of fun, learning, and interesting challenges (which is what you want). We get to meet people, and make executive decisions, and have an impact on Oshawa’s landscape, which is very rewarding.

Along with that, my sewing game has improved exponentially this year. All those hours spent in my sewing studio (which is in the back of the shop) have really made a difference.

I started making dresses in fun fabrics:




ooak59And they were loved all over Oshawa and Toronto.

Then came the cardigans:


ooak61And the knitting machine:


ooak77And the upcycled cardigans:


ooak98And the legwarmers. And the mittens made from cardigan fabric scraps. And the custom sewing for various lovely ladies and gentlemen.

It’s been a great year.

Let’s hope for an even better 2015!