The Art of Upcycling

I’ve been dabbling in upcycling once again. Cue ominous thunderclap.

Upcycling, or the practice of reworking old/worn/damaged goods into something that’s not only new and functional, but also polished and professionally finished, isn’t as easy as it sounds. I mean, sure, anyone can sew two sweaters together, but are those two sweaters going to combine into something that looks good? Or are people going to think that you lost a bet if you wear your Frankengarment out in public?

I’ve been working on some upcycled cardigans this week, and it’s been 75% hit and 25% miss. Which is good, considering it’s not something I’ve done in a long time (and when I was doing it before, it looked like crap). Mind you, some upcycling obstacles that I’d experienced before have yet to be conquered, namely difficulties in choosing sweaters that pair well with each other, combined with the anxiety I experience whenever I think I’m turning into a hoarder, but these are issues that will sort themselves out with time.

I hope.

I really don’t want to turn into crazy sweater-hoarding lady.

Anyhoodle, here are the hits:

ooak92This is the first upcycled cardigan I made, and it sold within twenty minutes of being in our window display.

Back view:

ooak93And here it is being worn by its lovely new owner:

ooak98Yay, it looks like it was made for her!

Cardigan #2 also sold within the first 24 hours of its existence:

ooak94Should I apologize for the phone-quality pics, or have we, as a society, stopped caring about that? Like has Instagram turned professional photography into something outdated and stodgy? Or am I just being lazy?

Back view:

ooak95And then I screwed up cardigan #3, so it’s sitting in the back room at The Labour District, until I get around to fixing it.

Here’s cardigan #4; it has pockets!

ooak96Back view:

ooak97And #5, a cropped cardi:

ooak99So far, I’ve only drafted two pattern sizes, M and L, because pattern drafting can be boring when you’re super excited about making new things, but I hope to have more sizes available next month.



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