Bunny Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions

This one is pretty easy. I can whip these bunnies out in no time, so you probably can too!


Here is a link to the Burdastyle tutorial on how to print and assemble a PDF sewing pattern.

Here is a link to the bunny pattern in my Etsy shop.

Materials needed:

*Fabric, 1/2yd or less

*Matching thread

*Doll stuffing

*Heavy interfacing to get those ears to stand up (I didn’t use any; I just taped them to the walls! You could do that too, if you don’t care about tape on walls)

The finished bunny head should measure approximately L 14″ x W 5″ x D 5″

There is a 1/2″ seam allowance included but not marked on the pattern pieces.

Let’s get started!

Here are your pieces. Note that the hanging loop has already been sewn. Whoops.



Take your hanging loop piece, and press it down 1/4″ lengthwise along both edges.




Press it in half lengthwise again.


Pin and sew.


Fold it into a loop and baste stitch.


Next up: ears.

Right sides together, sew the ears (don’t forget the interfacing, if you’re using it!), clip ’em, turn ’em right side out, and press ’em.



Sew the top of the head to the side of the head (along the top edge).


Repeat with the other side of head piece.


Pin and baste the ears to the top of the head, right sides facing. Baste the hanging loop between the ears.



Sew the back of head pieces to the sides of the head, along the back edge.

bunpt6Join the two back pieces with a few stitches at the top and base of the centre edges (where the blue stitches indicate):



Sew the top of head (where the ears and hanging loop are) to the top side of the back pieces.



Turn him right side out, stuff him and hand sew the back opening shut!




And as per usual, if you need any help, you can contact me here!

Happy sewing!