Elephant Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions

This elephant head sewing pattern and tutorial was featured in the September 2015 issue of Love Sewing UK.


Materials needed:

*Fabric, roughly 1/2 yard. You can mix & match your fabrics for a contrasting effect; I think plaid and denim would look great together!

*Matching thread

*Doll stuffing

*Buttons for eyes, if you’re a realist (I’m not, so there aren’t any tips on how to sew the eyes onto your project)

After you’ve purchased and downloaded the sewing pattern PDF, which can be found here, print and assemble your sewing pattern.

Once you’ve assembled your pattern and cut out your fabric, your pattern pieces should look like this:

(Picture only available in purchased sewing pattern download)


There is a 1/2″ seam allowance included in the pattern, but not marked. You can feel free to go down to a 3/8″ seam allowance on the same pattern, it makes very little difference to the outcome of the project!

Let’s start with the small fiddly bits and get them out of the way! Take your hanging loop piece, and press it down 1/4″ lengthwise along both edges.


Press it in half lengthwise again.


Pin and sew.


Fold into a loop and baste stitch the edges together.


Next, the ear. Right sides together, sew the ear, starting at the bottom of the tab that sticks out, and ending at the top of the tab that sticks out (the tab remains unsewn and open so that you can pull the ear right side out!)


Clip and notch the curves of the ear and turn right side out. Press flat.

Top stitch in a coordinating thread, if you desire.


Repeat with the other ear (do I really need to mention that?)

Right sides together, baste the ear tab to the side of the head, using 1/4” seam allowance.


Right sides together, sew the the curved edge of the Back of Head piece to the side of the Side of Head piece.


This is what it looks like from the right side of the fabric.


Sew the Top of Head piece to the Side of Head piece:


Repeat with the other side of head:


It’s starting to look like an elephant!


Baste the hanging loop to the top of the head, right sides facing.


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Sew together the under chin area of the sides of head, starting at the base of head and ending at the trunk tip.


Your trunk tip will look like a triangle. You want to flatten the trunk tip so that the top lies flat, and sew it shut. (the two side pieces might not lie completely flat underneath, but that’s okay). Trim away excess corner fabric.


Now it’s time to sew shut the back of the head, but remember to leave a small opening! That’s how we turn the elephant right side out and then stuff it!
Joining the centre back sides together, sew an inch at the bottom, and an inch at the top, leaving a small hand-sized gap in the middle of the centre back seam.


Stitch together the top of head to the top backs of head, sandwiching the hanging loop in there.


Turn it right side out!


Stuff it!


Sew it shut, using my Ladder Stitch tutorial!


Mount it on your wall!


Happy sewing!

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