Unicorn Head Sewing Pattern and Instructions Preview

Please note:

This pattern and instructions have been updated, and can be found on Etsy and Makerist !


The supplies you will need to create this masterpiece are:

*1/2 yard fabric (less than that, but I don’t want to say you need 1/4 yard, because you probably won’t be able to fit the side head pieces heightwise onto 1/4 yard)

*Matching thread

*Doll stuffing

*Some yarn for hair (optional if you prefer a bald unicorn)

Skills required:

*Follow my half-assed pattern instructions

*Hand sewing! There’s a decent amount of hand sewing, and it all comes at the end when you’re the most excited to see your new creature. You’ll mostly be doing a ladder stitch, and you can find my tutorial right here.

The finished head should measure approximately H 15″ x W 5″ x D 13.5″ And the 1/2″ seam allowance has already been included in the pattern pieces, yet not marked. 

A tutorial on how to print and assemble your PDF sewing pattern right here.

Alright, let’s get cracking!

The pattern pieces provided are (from left):

Neckband, cut 1 on fold

Ears, cut 4

Horn, cut 1

Sides of head, cut 2

Hanging loop, cut 1

(Picture only available with purchased sewing pattern download)

Let’s start with the fiddly bits!

Take your loop, press the long outside edges inward by 1/4″, and then press the whole thing in half, also lengthwise.


You should then stitch down the folded edge, and you should have what looks like a belt loop.


Fold it into a loop, and baste stitch together.


Now put it aside somewhere safe.

Next fiddly bit: The horn.

Fold it right sides together, and sew down the side.


Turn it right side out, and stuff it with doll stuffing.Don’t stuff it too tightly though, for two reasons:

1) If you’re overzealous and try to cram in ALL-OF-THE-STUFFING-IMMEDIATELY, it won’t fit into the tip of the horn. You’ll have a floppy horn and your unicorn will look sickly. Take a tiny stuffing tuft, and poke it gently with a pencil eraser into the tip of the horn. Take another tiny tuft, and poke that in too. Keep poking tiny tufts until your horn is nearly full.

2) You don’t want to fill your horn all the way up, because you need room to fold the edges in and stitch it shut.


I’ve folded it box-style, and pinned it shut. You also want to sew a few stitches into it to secure it closed before you add it to the head.

Now put it aside.



Right sides together, sewn. Clip the tip, and notch the curves, if you so desire. I did not notch the curves, and I don’t regret a thing.

Turn them right side out, fold them in half lengthwise and sew a little !/2″ tuck on them towards the base of the ear.


The ear on the right shows you the little stitching line, and the ear on the left shows what it does. It makes the ear extra cute (you can skip this step, if you don’t care about cute)!

Take the ears, and pin them to the sides of the head, right sides together. Baste stitch them at 1/4″ seam allowance.


And that’s the preview! If you would like to purchase the pattern with the full colour instructions, please go to Etsy, Makerist or Kollabora*!

*Due to size constraints, the pattern posted on Kollabora features only features the pattern. If you purchase the pattern on Kollabora, please download the sewing instructions here.

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  1. I wish this pattern example looked like a unicorn not a flower pattern. It’s hard to get the concept of tge head shape

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