The Cardigans, Phase 1

The knitting machine is now officially pumping out sellable garments. These cardigans are thick knit, cozy and bright, so you won’t get lost in the snow.

Let’s start with the shrug, because it’s not a cardigan:

ooak77 ooak78 ooak79

The shrug is short-sleeved, cropped, and features a snazzy colour combo on the back. It’s easy to wear upside down, since it’s essentially a tube that you stick your arms into, so go crazy with it. Retail $69 at The Labour District.

And now, the cardigans:

ooak80 ooak81 ooak82

Magenta and oatmeal has a short shelf life; if no one picks it up by the end of this week, it’s mine.

Dark & Stormy Fall colours:

ooak83 ooak84 ooak85

Grunt, I love that one too.

Reds and Black:

ooak86 ooak87

And the newest, aqua with wine:


This is the one where I started to experiment with floats (floats are those spots and repeated dashes that are all over the place and totally don’t match up but that’s okay because they weren’t supposed to)


Obvies the distressed look is done on purpose.


Whoops, boner floats, totally not on purpose:


The cardigans run from sizes S – XL, depending on how you like to wear yours, and don’t feature any closures yet. Might never feature closures. Closures are for therapists. Retail $95 at The Labour District, which is a major steal because these floating boners take forever to put together.


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