Sweater Weather

Okay this happened way faster than I expected. I’m getting the hang of the knitting machine.

Knits, as some of you may know, aren’t as structured as garments made from woven fabric, and so, it’s easier to wing it with the patterns. Which makes it easier to get the hang of the knitting machine, because you’re only focusing on one issue at a time (similar theory behind nicotine replacement therapy).

Earlier this week, I managed to make this;

IMG_20140917_120230Which is being referred to on Facebook as “The Tube.” There was some shaping done around the armholes, but the rest of it is essentially just a tube with neat colour contrast. But that curling. And sleeveless turtlenecks? It looks like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets country craft show Edna (who I just made up in my head; you know what she looks like).

So I decided to backtrack. Fine, I says, if I can even make cowl scarves this winter, that’d be cool.


But even the cowl was curling all over the place (I don’t know why that picture looks so faded, photo editing on my phone is kind of a new concept for me, so I guess I do know why that picture looks so faded mystery solved), and like everybody already makes cowls. They’re the town bicycle of the knitting world, mostly because cowls are so simple to make (I’m calling them sluts).

What this country needs is cardigans and pullovers dammit. Made from real knitted yarn that can’t go in the washing machine and ends up stinking come Christmas because who the hell has time to hand wash shit, dammit.


BOOM. Mugatu’s calling, he wants his Derelict Campaign back.

Now I happen to be one of those people who prefers her knits chunky and hoboesque, so I really like this cardi as is. But I also want to learn how to do shaping around the neckline, and I want to make sleeves that are even in length. Goals, ladies.

Luckily, this cardigan only cost about $15 in yarn. I was worried that each sweater would cost like $70, because all the online research I did stated that each sweater needs $70 worth of yarn. Fucking internet.


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