Wrap Cardigan

I am in love with this new cardigan:


Sorry about the phone pic; I have a photo shoot lined up for later this week, which will give us some better pics to pass around.

The prints on the front of this sweater do actually line up, I just didn’t adjust it properly on the dress form because I was too damn excited about how wonderful this damn sweater is!

You guys, it’s amazing. I cant stop loving that multi-coloured sweater knit.


The print fabric is a polyester sweater knit, thick, soft and luxurious (as luxurious as a synthetic fabric can be, anyway), the solid fabric is a light drapey poly-lycra blend.

The waist ties are sewn into the side seams so you don’t have to worry about losing them!

Sizes have been streamlined; there’s a S/M, a L/XL, and there will be a XXL (fits dress size 18-20) arriving in the near future.

The retail price for these babies is $89.

They are currently available at The Labour District in Oshawa, and will be available elsewhere in the near future.


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