I’ve been sewing mad amounts of Fall/Winter gear this week, and posting my progress in photographic form, much to the delight/chagrin of my Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook friends.







I also created a special website page for my F/W14 stuff, which you can see at the top of this page, or by clicking this link (it will get updated as I continue to make more pieces).

You guys, I haven’t loved sewing knits in a hella damn long time, so I’m surprised and excited to discover that I enjoy knits once again!

Little known fact: when I first started sewing, way back in 2003, I actually started with knits; t-shirts, undies, that sort of thing. I wasn’t any good at it, but it’s how I cut my teeth. And I’d never understood why other sewers were so knit-phobic when I found it relatively easy, especially compared to the horrors of zipper installation, buttonholes and darts. Hell, I didn’t even use patterns when I made t-shirts, I just measured out some rectangles and went to town.

Pictured here: old

Pictured here: old

Somewhere along the line, I grew bored with knits, and moved on to wovens. I think I just preferred making dresses, and I used to think that knit dresses were fug, so I stopped making knit gear.

Until now.



I’m going to make cardigans so much this Winter.


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