Fashion Show at Stuttering John’s

Okay this is long overdue.

About 10 days ago, some of my pieces were featured in a fashion show that took place at Stuttering John’s Smokehouse in downtown Oshawa. The event was organized by Community Innovation Lab, a group that allows youth (18-29) to gain experience in networking and entrepreneurial activities. I found out at the show that organizers had exactly two weeks to make the show happen, and I think they did a really good job! The show also featured pieces from Primal Attitude and Lady Violet Designs.

I stole these pics from Community Innovation Lab’s Facebook page, and it looks like the photographer is one Courtney Rason. So, thanks to Courtney for taking these lovely pics; if you see this and want to send me a link to your online presence, I’ll update the post for you!

coilab4 coilab3 coilab2 coilab1

In that first pic, you can also see a tunic created by Embody by Tara White, a Canadian line of upcycled casual women’s wear that we carry at The Labour District. Tara is super talented, and I’m happy to be carrying her line.


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