Fabric Buyin’ Update

So I went and bought some fabric online, like I said I was going to do.

First, I bought ten yards of cotton from Fashion Fabrics Club, because they were having a sale, and I was having a sewing class crisis (what I learned: beginner students have a hard time finding low-priced fabric in fabric shops, and I should at least offer a selection of fabrics within the shop for their sewing needs).

Then, before I even received that first order, I went all apeshit and bought a bunch of jersey fabric in various prints with which to make me some maxi skirts (it was a great sunny Spring, conducive to making and wearing maxi skirts, and look at all of these maxi skirt tutorials! They’re so easy to make!).

Take a looky:

jersey1 jersey3 jersey2


Nice looking jersey knits, huh?

I should’ve waited before I ordered round 2. Story of my life.

That first order? The ten yards of cotton, with which to make pyjama shorts in Sewing for Beginners? It was tissue thin. Seriously, the yardage showed up in an envelope. I don’t even know what a person would do with this fabric (I’ve decided on lots of curtains).

Then the second order came in (see above). Did you know that when people say “jersey knit,” sometimes they mean “spandex?” I did not know that before order #2 arrived.

A lot of the jersey prints that I ordered bore striking similarities to spandex, which is gross and unfortunate, yet still workable within the realms of maxi skirts. And the 2 1/2 yards of black jersey that I bought for myself turned out to be loverly. Smooth, soft, weighty, and nothing like spandex.

Also, it came with this awesome cotton print:


Which totally turned into a bunch of this:


And then I ordered more, because now I want to make shirtdresses with it.

Fabric Fashion Club pros:

*Huge selection of fun prints

*Frequent sales

Fashion Fabric Club cons:

*Omg so sloooooow (at least two weeks from order to doorstep)

*They don’t include the customs charges in your order, so you get a fun little surprise on your credit card about two weeks after you order

*Jersey knit = spandex

During this time, I also experimented with Fabric.com. Their selection isn’t nearly as fun as Fashion Fabrics, but they’re light years faster.

I ordered some camo twill that was on sale, but I have no pic, nor do I care to look it up online. It’s a weird colour combo of cream, purply-grey and black (maybe?), and I think it’d make really pretty full skirts.

The fabric came in LESS THAN TWO DAYS. I nearly fainted.

The price of the fabric also pretty much doubled as a result of hardcore customs charges. But it came in LESS THAN TWO DAYS so who am I to complain?

Fabric.com pros:

*Omg so fast

*customs is seemingly included in your order, so what you pay is what you get

*They have cool categories that you can use break down the fabric selection (percentage of discount, types of prints, etc)

Fabric.com cons:

*The huge customs charge can double the price, making it impractical for a Canadian to shop with them

*Selection can be kinda meh

So there you go, experiment results with two online fabric shops. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to order more fabrics online, partly due to the hit-and-miss quality of fabrics, and partly due to I’m now broke from all the experimenting (hey L/XL ladies: come by The Labour District and buy my L/XL sized dresses; you need them).


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