Sewing for Beginners Starts May 15

Our first installment of sewing classes at The Labour District is ready to go!


Sewing for Beginners: Learn how to thread a machine, how to wind a bobbin, how to sew a straight stitch, how to sew a zigzag stitch, how to back stitch, how to oil and clean a sewing machine, how to use various presser feet, common troubleshooting techniques, and put these techniques to use as you sew an envelope pillowcase, pyjama pants, and a zippered pouch

Duration: 4 classes, 2hrs each

Cost$100  half price at $50 for the May 15 – June 5 course (first come, first serve)!

Suitable for beginners who have never used a sewing machine, or who haven’t used a sewing machine this century

Sewing for Beginners runs on Thursdays (May 15 – June 5), from 6-8pm.

Contact to sign up!

Update: The May 15th – June 5th course is full! We are, however, accepting signups for the next session of Sewing for Beginners, which will run from Thursday June 12th – July 3rd.  It’ll be full price, at $100, but it’s still a great deal!


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