New Dress!

I made a new dress pattern.  It’s just a simple fitted summer dress, back zip, in seam pockets, unlined, no fuss.

But I really had to talk myself into taking pictures of myself actually wearing the dress.  Because, like so many of you out there, I hate looking at pictures of myself.  I’m so old!  So lumpy.  So hunchbacked.  But I made a damn fine dress out of a damn fine pattern, and it’d be a shame to only take pictures of it on a crappy old dress form.








And now the guts:

Like I said, instead of lining the dress, I simply bound the arm and neck holes with binding tape.



The fabric had a bit of a stretch which I wasn’t expecting, since it was twill, and had no stretch before I washed it.  So the darts sewed up a little wonky.  And it didn’t help that I went kinda hog-wild with those darts (two in the neck of the bodice, two at the waist of the bodice, two on the skirt).  Also, I’m somewhat concerned with the actual longevity of the fabric – it feels surprisingly flimsy for twill, almost like flannel.  So maybe I should’ve lined it for added structure.

Or meh.



I did a machine blindstitch on the hem.  I’m not normally fond of the blindstitch, and as soon as I started I remembered why: I don’t like when the blindstitch bump/line won’t iron out of the right side of the fabric.

Alas, it ironed out just fine.  And I did a way better job than I usually do with keeping the blindstitch actually blind.



Busy fabric helps for that.

So, once our sewing studio/retail space is up and running, I plan to sell a line of dresses for summer, and this style will be available from sizes S-XXXL.  But not in this fabric.  Because of the weird stretchy flimsiness issue.

And now for a gratuitous cat-on-sewing-project shot:



One response to “New Dress!

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