Filler Post 1: The Dead Links

I’m moving in – omg! – three days, and have zero time to actually write about anything.  Or research anything to write about.  Or sleep properly. Or do much of anything besides pack, eat comforting junk food, and lay motionless under a blanket on the couch while gasping out an endless choo-choo train of panic attacks (it’s my clever way of adapting to big life changes).  As well, the gift of foresight has advised that I will also not be writing anything after I move, at least until the choo-choo train stops gasping.

So here is the first of a series of posts that I’ll call Filler Posts.  Basically just some links to neat looking things related to sewing.

Filler Post 1

I can’t find the old Outsapop website anymore.  Where did it go?  There’s this website, that hasn’t been updated in two months, and, when you try to click on the Tutorial and DIY pages, will just present you with a couple of dead links.  But that’s not really what I was looking for.

For those of you who don’t know, Outsapop was this awesome website made by a very talented fashion designer named Outi.  She was especially adept at upcycling, and she would regularly feature really cool tutorials that went above and beyond the usual t-shirt-into-shopping-tote junk (although she had that tute as well, and it was really cool).

Anyhoodle, I found her Pinterest page, and fell in love with the army style inspiration category.

Look at these:





Now, those two pictures lead to two more dead links, so I have no idea who to thank for them.

But this one:



This lovely jacket was created by a designer in Romania, Laura Galic, who has an Etsy shop.  On that Etsy shop, it’s mentioned that Canadian shoppers can find her work at some website that has … wait for it … another dead link.

Well nuts to us, eh?


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