Pattern Drafted Jeans, Again

I posted a picture of these guys on Instagram last week, back when I thought that they were nearly finished.


I was so young back then.  So naive.

I whipped through most of the prepping and sewing for these jeans in a very short period of time.  And then I got to the waistband.

Mind you, I didn’t have any problems when I first attached the waistband.  In theory, they were perfect.  It was only after I tried them on that I discovered that something had gone wrong.

First of all, when I thought that I’d lowered the front waistline, like you see in jeans, I discovered that I had not, in fact, done any such thing.   So I lowered the waistline by about an inch in the front (I meant to lower it more, but forgot).


Then I noticed that there was way too much curve going on with the top of the waistband.  So I added some scraps to straighten out the top of the waistband (because I’d already run out of fabric, and therefore was unable to simply remake the waistband).


That arrow on the left was only added to showcase my shitty stitchwork, which is what happens when I have to resew the same thing dozens of times.

And that’s when the warping started.  Crap.

In total, I removed and reattached the waistband four times, not including the times that I removed and reattached specific portions of the waistband.

And now, I have to fix the button.  Because the placement is off.  Because of the waistband alterations.  Because I tried to be all fancy and use those buttons that are meant for jeans, that get hammered into the fabric, and can’t really be replaced without tearing a hole through all your hard work.

Whatever, these jeans are for me, so I don’t care how much Frankenstein work gets done on them.  They fit, they look pretty much like how I wanted them to look, and all the mistakes I made on them were fixable.

So, yay?  I guess?



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