Pattern Drafted Sailor Pants, the Sequel

Earlier this Fall, I started delving into the seedy underworld of pattern drafting and sewing my own pants. And oh, what a world it is. Mark my words, sewists, once you get the gist of drafting your own pants, you will burn your commercial patterns and never look back.

Personally, I sorta hate commercial sewing patterns. According to most commercial patterns that I’ve used over the years, I, like the average woman, have the shoulders of a linebacker, and prefer pants that go all the way up to my neck. Way to research the human form, Big 4.

Also, between you and me, I’ve never been able to get into 5/8″ seam allowances. Too extravagant. Too flappy.

So I got into pattern drafting.

This is my second pair of sailor pants. Much like the first pair, they were drafted using my personalized pant sloper, but this time, I figured out how to do a proper sailor style closure (that should totally be a euphemism)!


Just a wee issue with the hemline on them: they were way too long (my last pair shrunk lengthwise, which made me overcompensate this time around), and instead of actually adjusting the length, I just folded them twice and blindstitched with the most irreverent “meh” I could summon.

Ugh. I will definitely fix the hemline before I wear them again, because now it’s all I can see.

The buttons:


And I apologize for the no-face pics, I know they kinda take away from the overall effect. But you know what they say, too lazy for makeup = no-face pic!

Another view:




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