Book Review: Patternmaking for Fashion Design

My lovely mom got me this book for Christmas present and it is amazing!


Patternmaking for Fashion Design, written by Helen Joseph-Armstrong, gives you the lowdown on a whole mess of pattern drafting. Starting with the basic pattern drafting set (bodice front & back, skirt front & back, sleeve), which is taught both in the book as well as on a dvd, this book then gives you step-by-step instructions on how to alter your basic blocks to create all sort of different designs.

And then it goes into pants (gasp!). Jeans (Double Gasp!!). Jackets (yay!). Mens wear (snore). Kids wear (double snore). I’m swooning (mostly about the pants).

I’ve already drafted a basic bodice for my dress form, and I find Joseph-Armstrong’s technique is more straightforward the method I previously used, which can be found here, on Burdastyle.

I’ve also created a new pant pattern for slim fitting cropped pants, using Joseph-Armstrong’s instructions on my old pant block. I’ve only made a muslin mock-up, but it looks pretty damn fine so far (I’m way overdue on a pant drafting post – I made another pair of sailor pants that I’ve been meaning to show you for weeks now).

If you’re at all interested in pattern drafting, this book should for sure be on your shopping list.


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