Book Learnin’

Okay, I started to write something about how I haven’t posted anything on here in a while, but then I erased it. That’s pretty much the famous last words of the modern-day blog writer, and I’m not entirely ready to lay my blog to rest just yet.

Also, I have an explanation. I injured my wrist early last week, and can’t do a damn thing with it. It’s a work related injury, which also makes it a sewing related injury, which also makes it an ever-increasing heartbreaking nuisance. I lasted about four days before I started missing sewing. What the H-E-Double-Hockeysticks am I supposed to fucking well do with all this free time if I can’t use a cockknocking sewing machine?

Hang out with this jerk?

Hang out with this jerk?

I’ve already watched an embarrassing amount of Glee (I can’t really watch Dr Who or The Shield without a certain husband, so I’m stuck picking though the Netflix dregs for my afternoon stories), started in on some Korean teen drama show (recommended by an old and sorely missed tv companion), and baked my weight in cookies (yes, I can still bake with an injured wrist).

And then, this past Thursday, my time-weary gaze finally fell upon my modest library of sewing books. And the wheels started turning in my head. I could take this free time and use it to study. Maybe I could learn how to teach boring stuff like fibre content, and what the difference is between plain weave and twill (answer: a boring difference).

So I took to the books with a notepad and pen. And you know what? It’s been boring.

Okay, it’s also been very satisfying. It’s been months since I cracked a book for longer than 10-15 minutes at a time. And reading all this non-fiction makes me feel all smart-like and sexy librarianesque (if pilled cardigans and muffin-topped pants stained with melted chocolate are what sexy librarians wear, that is). I’ve already plowed through two books, so I figure I’ll probably have chewed up and spit out my entire library by the end of next week. Minus the stupid ’20 Ways to Embellish Your T-Shirt’ type crap, that is.

That deserves a trip to the Amazon website, I believe.


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